Saturday | December 16, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 7-29-17

July 30, 2017 - 3:57pm

Truck ramps fit other spots, too

Tom Pyne’s letter reminded me of the time, long ago, we had a runaway ramp at the near bottom of Palani Road on the makai side. It was a long, gradual incline of gravel. I’d be guessing a bit now, but it was near the fire department’s location today. It saved a few lives, as I recall.

It might not be such a bad idea to have another one at the bottom of Hina Lani Street, and one or two coming down Kuakini Highway past the turn-off to Keauhou-mauka. Certainly, one should be near the bottom of Kamehameha III Road, too.

Dennis Lawson


State needs to leave Peaman alone once and for all

Thank you for your coverage of Sean Pagett’s Peaman events. I am writing to show my sincere and enthusiastic support. These free, volunteer-run, grassroots community events promote healthy exercise, community spirit, and offer interaction with our beautiful Kailua Bay and Village to visitors and residents, young and old alike.

No one profits from these events, yet they provide tremendous benefit to our community. The obvious direct benefits are enriching the lives of the participants and their families, but also indirect, broader benefits, encouraging lower health care costs through community exercise, providing a positive image to our vital tourism industry, and radiating the spirit of aloha throughout our community.

To me, Peaman events represent the highest and best use I can imagine for our precious land and natural resources. So I’m dismayed to learn the Department of Land and Natural Resources was back in court this week to ticket or fine or otherwise limit or shut down one of the most positive community events we have.

Please investigate the DLNR. Who is hurt by these events? Who benefits from shutting them down? I’d like to see the DLNR explain why they appear intent on blocking public use of the pier for such a positive purpose that provides such clear benefits to the community.

Tobias Olney


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