Tuesday | December 12, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 7-26-17

July 26, 2017 - 8:37am

Reasons why Trump is making America great

Have you heard? America is alive and kicking and doing very well. I might add, Rasmussen polling says Americans are feeling better about their own lives than they have in over a decade.

Every Trump voter knows the truth and here is some truth to digest:

• New health care and Trump tax cuts coming soon.

• Stock values on average are up 18 percent.

• Stock market is up 3,000 points since Trump’s win.

• Number of folks on food stamps has dropped to a five-year low.

• Economic optimism is near all time highs now.

• Illegal alien apprehension down at a 17-year low because of law enforcement and plans to build a solar wall.

• Approval of Dakota and Keystone safe pipelines to insure safe passage of oil instead of using trains and trucks, which have a higher rate of accidents.

• Nullified unneeded regulations to unleash the American worker.

• Won last five special elections with two more coming!

• Military spending is skyrocketing especially in Honolulu.

Donald J. Trump is systematically making America Great!

Henry Scroggin


Starved child story sickening

I see where Child Protective Services has dropped the ball again. They have learned nothing in the last 20 years. I have personally seen how incompetent they are and as of now, they still are.

Maybe our lawmakers better do their jobs and do something about this mess. CPS always has the excuse they are shorthanded, so perhaps it’s time for our officials to give them more money so they can hire more workers to protect our keiki. They have no way to protect themselves and they are our future.

Nobody I’ve ever talked to has any respect or faith in CPS. They are being paid with our tax money and should do the best job possible. The keiki need protection and it’s CPS’s job to do it, so do it or find another job.

Haley Harris


Saturday hours help workers learn English

The only day that some farm workers have to explore through reading to improve our English skills in in your library, which is now closed on Saturdays since June for our families. No other day of attending is possible so please open the library on Saturdays and have reading in Spanish for our children.

My friend helped me translate this because my English is not good.

Programmas en espanol para los ninos? Necesitamos una person bi lingua. Sincere mente.

Emiliano Zapata Martinzez


Aloha spirit sometimes puzzling

We moved from Switzerland to the Big Island five years ago and, of course, heard about the aloha spirit. Over time we experienced this spirit in — let’s put it mildly — different ways, mostly positive but also some negative.

To return the aloha, we shared our fruit and plants from our garden with friends and neighbors. We put boxes of avos, starfruit and mangoes in front of our entry way on the street, we also dug out plants and instead of bringing them away to the green waste, parked them out front so others could take them and enhance their gardens with them.

Last week a bunch of nice rooted heliconias in a trash can with a sign “Free Heliconia” waited there. Of course, it was my understanding it would not include the trash can. By Sunday morning the Heliconias were gone and so was the trash can! This was one of the sturdy models that costs about $40! I expected the can back later. Guess what? I still have the lid, which isn’t much.

So much for the other part of aloha. Now my spirit is dwindling and I wonder whether I should keep on sharing my garden goodies in the future.

Roland Maurer


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