Monday | December 11, 2017
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Letters to the editor: 12-06-17

December 6, 2017 - 12:05am

Here’s to movie variety idea

Recently you published a letter from a community member who suggested to Regal Cinemas that the community would benefit by having a wider variety of movies. It was pointed out that the two cinemas are not far from each other in Kona, but usually offer the same movies at both venues.

Wouldn’t they attract more ticket sales if they offered more films to choose from., i.e., a number of films would not be the same at both locations.

Thank you to Regal for hopefully considering doing this in the future, as there is now an independent film at one of their theaters that won first prize at the Toronto Film Festival. This presentation no doubt added to their sales volume and the community benefits also.

Let’s hope they continue to expand the variety of films on their many screens when you combine the two theaters.

Frank Meyer


Civil Defense siren test failure

On Friday, Dec. 1, the Big Island’s Hawaii Office of Civil Defense was scheduled to test the attack sirens across our island. This is the sound we would hear if Hawaii was under threat of attack by missiles launched by a hostile nation.

My husband and I were having a late breakfast at Bongo Ben’s on Alii Drive in the middle of Kona town. As 11:45 a.m. came, no siren was heard by any of us in the restaurant and at noon there was nothing as well. We were in an open air place, immediately across from Huggo’s Restaurant and the water of Kona Bay.

A straw poll was conducted and it turns out that many people did not hear the siren: a man who was in Kaiser Clinic, a resident of Kona Palisades, etc. This test was part of a campaign to give people a warning to seek cover and shelter in place for 14 days. The TV and radio had been making announcements for days in advance of the scheduled test.

We had planned to purchase M.R.E meals, water and other supplies to shelter in place for 14 days, however it now seems a wasted effort since chances are we will not hear a warning. No one I’ve spoken to thus far seems to care about the fact we need to be able to hear the siren to save our lives.

Janet Booth


Bone to pick with ‘far right’ WHT

I cannot believe that you will not publish any real national news. Last time you rejected my letter saying that you will not publish any he said, she said opinions, and then continued to publish hate letters from Republicans, with no facts.

At least my letter had proven facts. Now we have the most corrupt government in history writing a budget without any input from the Democrats, but the corporations are allowed to run their opinions, without any resistance, and then vote on a budget no one on the right has even read, by their own words.

They only gave 10 days to review it and used that time to allow hand written add-ons from the corporations because of blackmailing by Trump and the far right. This is probably the most important bill ever presented, and the only thing you write about is Trump getting mad at the FBI on page four.

You have now proven you are not a news outlet. Still no stories about the corruption from you, so I am convinced you are a right wing fake news source, and should not always only post the news about the insane Congress we are stuck with and how good they are.

Please give us with an answer why you lean so far to the right and rarely print the truth.

David MacDonald

Captain Cook

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