Sunday | December 17, 2017
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Letters to the editor: 11-22-17

November 22, 2017 - 10:44am

Let’s debate civilly

OK, Mr. Pieri, I’ll take the bait, since you appear to be trolling for a response from the “mentally deficient” minority. I must first say, I am not sure resorting to name calling is the best way to attract people to your side.

I can’t help but wonder whether your tirade of hateful words against Trump’s minions show us the true you, or if you are just still hyperventilating over the Hillary loss? Either way, please know that I, as a pastor here in Kona for the last 28 years, speak for a large number of people who, though embarrassed by our leaders from time to time, still respect the office. We believe it an honor to still have the privilege to intelligently vote for conservative values, without that having to be interpreted as praise for bad manners and untimely tweets.

Please don’t question our “personal moral worth” until you have met us all. We are feeding the hungry, clothing the homeless, and teaching our children not to call each other names. And please don’t lump all of our “altruisms” into one large vendetta. I have many associates with doctorate degrees, who have diligently studied the issues more than you and I put together.

Let me know if you would ever like to have a public debate somewhere. I would, however, request that it be civil.

Rev. Bruce Campbell

Grace Community Church

President, Kona Ministers Fellowship

Trickle down proof needed

The charlatan in chief claims that he will not benefit from the tax cuts and that the primary purpose of the Republican effort is to aid the middle class.

Therefore, Congress should not eliminate the estate tax (except for a proviso to help pass family farms to families who will keep the farm intact and working) which only helps the Trump family and other well-heeled families get richer, and the corporate/business tax cuts should be dependent on the economy/jobs/wages improving.

Every three years the growth that the Republicans claim will occur from their trickle down approach must be shown to have occurred or the corporate/business tax cuts must revert to 2017 levels. This would incentivize businesses to invest their gain back into our economy to grow wages and jobs.

Daniel Konigsberg


Letters promote hatred

I’d really like the WHT editors to explain their reasoning for printing hateful screeds by obviously unhinged and quite possibly dangerous people.

What does printing these letters do for the community at large? Why should I or anyone pay for a publication to promulgate such hatred?

Jeff Hite


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