Sunday | December 17, 2017
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Letters to the editor: 10-22-17

October 22, 2017 - 12:05am

Trump, Frank, lack empathy

Frank Dickinson’s comment on Oct. 20 makes me wonder if Trump and his supporters lack the empathy gene. More than 74 men, woman, and children in Puerto Rico now have leptospirosis. Left untreated, this is a deadly disease contracted by drinking polluted water, or having a cut on the body through which the disease in the water can enter.

Our family lost my husband’s young 22-year-old brother, after he became infected while working in aquaculture on Oahu, some years ago. The doctors did not realize what it was until it was too late.

After the death of his son, my father-in-law conducted a state-wide campaign to educate the medical community about this deadly disease. The poor people of Puerto Rico don’t know about it and they have no clean water to drink — much less bathe in. A month after the hurricane they still do not have the means to get the water purification plants up and running. What a disgrace for the President of the United States of America to let our fellow citizens suffer like this. I doubt that you would see this happen in a red state.

They should be getting lots of solar panels over there to provide power. The few people who do already have solar panels are helping their neighbors to have power. I wonder, Mr. Dickinson, if The Big Island was totally destroyed in a disaster, if you would have the same attitude. My guess is that you would want FEMA and the military and the volunteers to stay as long as it took to get the power back on, and get you and your family clean water and food to eat.

You would want the people of our country to have that empathy gene that you so clearly lack. Have you ever heard of something called “The Golden Rule,” Frank? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Marian Hughes


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