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Letters | 8-2-14

August 2, 2014 - 12:05am

Follow the laws to enjoy parks with pets

I want to thank Cheryl Langton of Waimea Outdoor Circle and Carol Hendricks of Waimea Nature Park for their letter to the editor last week. They clarified that the park is “pet friendly” but not a dog park.

As a dog owner who enjoys walking my dog in the park and on the nature trail nearby, I am grateful that dogs are allowed there. Fewer places are open to dogs these days, usually for good reason: dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs or who let them run loose.

We all love our dogs and think they are delightful, but even the friendliest dog can frighten a child, especially when it is excited while running free in a park.

The park and trail upkeep is done entirely by volunteers. The least we can do is follow the leash laws and clean up after our dogs. Otherwise, we’ll lose this walking option, too.

Kathy Rawle


Respect for animals missing from equation

The fish collecting controversy will continue until the real problem is addressed: respect.

Most wild animals are under the protection of the state or federal government. Sadly, some animals aren’t worthy of any protection. At that point, there are no restrictions to what humans are capable of for money.

Our ocean inhabitants belong to all the people of Hawaii. Since our government has become accustomed to plundering resources, is it a big surprise that our aina can be plundered to the point of collapse?

One letter pointed to the folly — “start cutting down redwood trees in the forest and see how long before you are arrested.”

Steve Snyder