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Letters | 7-15-14

July 15, 2014 - 12:05am

Returned lost wallet a pleasant surprise

What could have ended up a tragic day at the beach for one of our tourists, turned out to be quite rewarding. One of our guests who rented snorkeling gear from us came out of the water worried because his wallet had fallen out of his pocket while snorkeling. He asked us if anyone had turned in a wallet to which we said no. He went back into the water to search again but in the meantime, another snorkeler had found the wallet and turned it into the lifeguard.

We were all quite relieved and pleasantly surprised.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that there are lots of people out there who were honest enough to turn in this fellow’s wallet. It’s makes me feel good to know there are folks out there who can put themselves into the person’s shoes who lost his wallet and do the right thing.

It renews my faith in mankind.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis

Volunteer Reef Teacher Kahaluu Beach


Council a full-time job? I don’t think so

Nice try J Yoshimoto, but there is something wrong with your math. The council meets once every two weeks, all people but Brenda Ford on the council have full-time jobs, and you call it a 24/7 job?

You might want to look at the attendance and voting records of your council members, too. It’s not a full-time job, it’s a very well paid part-time job, and none of you deserved a raise.

John S. Rabi