Monday | November 20, 2017
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Letters: 6-7-17

June 8, 2017 - 7:46am

Scroggin’s letter out of bounds

Mr. Scroggin’s letter to WHT on June 2 is simply the monosyllabic bellicose diatribe of a bully.

Many of us have seen our neighborhoods irrevocably changed by the vehement paranoia expressed by Scroggin. many of us lament the loss of community to the latest wave of mainlanders hiding in their houses behind gates, walls and cameras.

Scroggin, however, has been a part of the real estate community for years — so how is his vernacular explained? Trump does it?

That is not how we converse with one another here. There is no place for Scroggin’s inexcusable letter or thinking in Hawaii.

Gwyneth Wrixon


Questioning truth isn’t a party line bias

Seems that whenever a progressive, liberal, Democrat makes a statement the typical Republican response is crybaby. I ask, is that all you’ve got? Since when is it being a crybaby to be upset when certain things seem to be slanted unfairly in one direction?

For a while political cartoons satire was very much directed only at the Democrats. Now, it appears to be more equal in their jabs as it should be. But, I have trouble understanding why so many Republicans cannot fairly ask of their own party an explanation of what is going on? If there is no cover up, if there is nothing to hide, if there are no connections to Russian interference with our presidential election, why are there so many indications that it has happened and is continuing to happen? Why are they turning a blind eye to obvious corruption at the highest levels of their own party?

The Democrats are certainly not faint of heart nor are we crybabies and before they scream hypocrite, yes corruption within our Democratic party does occur and it is equally wrong and unacceptable. However, we want the truth. It does not matter who is at fault. I know a number of Republicans also want the truth. The evidence is mounting and the money trail is being uncovered. When did it become OK for a foreign power to meddle in our politics, especially Russia? Is there treason? Is there obstruction? Why is Mitch O’Connell, Paul Ryan, and others trying to delay getting to the bottom of these allegations? I think it’s time to clean up politics, and I mean all politics.

I think it is time for Democrats and Republicans alike to ask and expect the truth from our elected officials. I am sick and tired to hearing that if you don’t agree with me then I will obstruct you to the detriment of everything and everyone else. Most of all I challenge all Republicans to ask their leaders and elected officials what is going on and enough with the trite superficial responses. The truth, nothing but the truth. If there is obstruction, punish them. If there is corruption, rout it out. It is past time for partisan politics and business as usual and get back to doing what is best for our country, our people. Not just the richest 1 percent, rather all the people. I want answers. What is wrong with that?

One thing that I have never been is a crybaby. I question everything. I expect honest answers. Since when do Republicans find corruption, treason, involvement with foreign powers to be acceptable? I am hoping that the answer will be never.

John Pierce


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