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Letters | 6-6-14

June 6, 2014 - 12:05am

Why do we still allow passengers in back of trucks?

I, too, am responding to Bob Dempsey’s comments of June 3 regarding “Ticket may have saved a life.” For as long as I have lived here, I am always appalled when driving in my own vehicle behind a truck with children, young people and adults riding in the back of an open pickup truck. Most of them are actually sitting against the tailgate.

As our wonderful state continues to write tickets for lack of seat belt use in the backseat of cars, which is such a blessing, where is the legislation to disallow riding in an open truck with absolutely no safety net? This is not a cultural issue. It is merely stupidity. I slow way down when I am behind one of these trucks. I cannot even imagine someone falling out and my vehicle running them over.

Barbara Hussey


Shouldn’t GMO growers bag their produce?

If you don’t want your papaya trees contaminated by genetically modified organisms’ pollen, put bags on them. Thus says our taxpayer-supported university without saying how much time, energy and money bagging requires

Why don’t GMO growers bag their trees? Or pay to bag organic and non-GMO trees? Or pay organic farmers when their trees are contaminated?

Organic and non-GMO farmers were here first. Who’s being uprooted?

Cory Harden


Coral graffiti a charming tradition

I would like to give my opinion of the coral graffiti along the highway between Kailua-Kona and Waikoloa.

Before we even moved to this island, I read an article in a guidebook called “Big Island Revealed” about the decorative coral. I think it is just one of the many charming things about our island that you might not see anywhere else. The guidebook states it is a Big Island tradition to mark a moment in one’s trip here, a monument to a loved one passed or even just putting a family’s name in the lava.

Please don’t take away this unique and charming tradition that obviously has been here so long it is written about in guidebooks

Lynn Neering

Waikoloa Village

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