Wednesday | June 29, 2016
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Letters | 6-26-14

June 26, 2014 - 12:05am

It’s time to replace apathy with action in voting booth

We read in the paper that the S&P 500 reached a record high level today. You would think that this is wonderful news for the majority of people in our country.

Yes, the retirement funds, at least the ones that have not become bankrupt, are likely happy.

And regular folks who were lucky enough to invest their money at the right time and the holier than thou top 1 percent, most of whom inherited their wealth, are happy, too.

Fortunately, most of us are just happy that the economy is showing some indication of recovery, and it’s better than it was three years ago. We continue to have a relatively high standard of living considering the mess that Wall Street and its supporters in Washington, D.C., created in 2007.

And then, there are folks identified by some as “those people” who have not really benefited by the trickle down economy theory and continue to live in poverty or on the edge working in low-paying, often temporary jobs. Does the minority who control the economy real care?

It’s election season, and thanks to the present Supreme Court, we see millions of dollars being filtered to politicians who for themselves and people of like thinking genuinely feel that all is well and they, “the Real Americans,” can control the seats of power.

Well, wouldn’t it be grand, if some of us ’60s peaceful revolutionary types began screaming and shouting again like we did back in the good old days when the status quo was unacceptable? Maybe others including younger people will join us ancients.

So here is our challenge. Replace apathy with involvement in the political process that is reflective of the feelings of the majority. Support candidates who will make a difference. Contribute financially for what you can to offset the dollars contributed by special interest groups and “have gots” who are really only representative of a minority, and if nothing else express your voice by casting your votes in the coming elections.

The future of our democracy is literally at stake now.

Joel Cohen