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Letters | 6-22-14

June 22, 2014 - 12:05am

Agriculture and solar power should be island’s top priorities

As a constant writer to West Hawaii Today, I’ve been aware of global warming for what seems forever.

With Hawaii’s beaches steadily eroding, traditional tourism in Hawaii will become a thing of the past. To offset this decline to our social and economic fabric in society, something tells me that agricultural tourism and solar energy are topics society as a whole has to think about now, or the future of so-called-paradise is in limbo. Diversification of Hawaii’s tourism sector is definitely needed in addition to solar energy, for Hawaii experiences summerlike conditions throughout the year.

Diversification of Hawaii’s economy is definitely a political issue in this 2014 election year. Paradise will not last forever in Hawaii’s traditional economics, so Hawaii’s people must be creative and not just snooze off on history.

Whatever transpires in Hawaii’s future, we’ve got to be working together as a whole. Like Jimmy Cliff’s classic tune “We All Are One” states, we definitely are one human race. Such righteousness has to take place for Hawaii to be a stable place to live.

Dean Nagasako