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Letters | 6-21-14

June 21, 2014 - 12:05am

War a victory for corporate world

I see by the news that Iraq is unraveling quickly. For all you people who had sons, daughters and grandchildren who served in this conflict, do not mourn, for the mission was accomplished. Although they may have come home in body bags or with scrambled brains or missing body parts or blinded for life, you must think of the bright side. This war was an astounding victory for the corporate world; they did what they set out to do. The billions in profits that Halliburton made for Dick Cheney and other shareholders is phenomenal.

The makers of artificial arms, legs and eyes are rolling in the money. Also, the builders of motorized wheelchairs are doing fine. The body bag builders could hardly meet demand. The people at the V.A. hospitals have more work than they have seen in years. All the corporations that supplied this war with guns, ammunition, helicopters, planes, tanks, camps, fuel, food and more posted record profits.

Just remember your children fought valiantly to make America a better, freer and safer place to live.

Tim Schutt

Ocean View

DOE raises a waste of taxpayer dollars

It’s so heart warming to see that the state Board of Education has “taken action” on increasing the paychecks of the bureaucrats of the state Department of Education.

Pray tell, is this increase in their splendid six figure salaries going to improve teaching our children? I think firing the top third of our top heavy education bureaucracy would save a lot of taxpayer dollars that are otherwise wasted in these paper pushers shuffling paper from desk to desk.

The whole pack of them would be horrified at the thought of facing a classroom of seventh-graders.

Richard Swann

Captain Cook

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