Tuesday | February 21, 2017
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Letters | 6-15-14

June 15, 2014 - 12:05am

Support efforts to curb pollution

The Earth’s climate is getting warmer, and humans are responsible. That’s not my opinion, that’s a fact supported by more than 97 percent of climate scientists. The outcome over the next 50 years and beyond could include massive heat waves, prolonged drought, extreme weather and the mass extinction of species.

The good news is we can do something about it while helping the economy. We’ve already made a good start by making our cars and trucks more efficient, while starting to limit pollution from the dirtiest power plants, the chief contributor of America’s climate change pollution. To prevent the devastating effects of the climate crisis, we should all support these efforts.

Ellen Jacobs


VA clinic does give veterans great care

The two letters published together on June 7 — about the VA clinic’s great care, by William Hilberg, I say “dittos.” I’ve been a patient for at least 15 years and the clinic’s nurses, doctor and the administrative staff on the first floor are friends — dear friends.

The second letter, by Ken Obenski, echoes my own thoughts when I read the same story he’s talking about. It read like another alarmist, fear-mongering story to fuel a fire under marijuana opponents.

“Dittos” to both of you gentlemen. Yes, I am a “ditto-head.”

Dennis L. Lawson