Saturday | July 22, 2017
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Letters: 6-14-17

June 14, 2017 - 12:05am

Response drips with sarcasm

Just read Sue Nimms’ My Turn of June 13 eviscerating Dr. Blum’s recent letter to the editor.

You are really so lucky to have survived those horrible last eight years, especially considering the previous fantastic years we had with just some wars, lots of unemployment, no health insurance and the declining economy. Count yourself so lucky to now have the right direction for the country, no more lies, no more friendships with other countries. Who needs them?

We don’t need 190 countries to respect us and look up to us with the Paris agreement. After all, we do have Russia on our side. Look at the huge sale of arms we just offered to Saudi Arabia (the one country from which we have had terrorist attacks)!

And, we’ll finally get rid of that bothersome Obamacare. Never mind those hundreds of thousands of silly people that protested against losing it, even though it was not perfect, but the first step to socialized health care like all the other civilized countries enjoy. But, for sure Trumpcare will be a winner! Health insurance for all! (Well, never mind the elderly and those with preexisting conditions or those who can’t afford it).

Now we are finally getting rid of those pesky immigrants. Doesn’t matter if they have lived here for 20-30 years, have American children and wives, paid taxes and ran businesses or worked in the fields doing jobs Americans don’t want to do. We must also send the children who came here when they were toddlers back to countries they don’t know and where they have no family. Yes, we must purify our country of foreigners — just like we did with the Indians, oops, I forgot, we were the foreigners then.

Well, Miss Nimms, you can look forward to a wonderful horizon for the next four years — maybe.

Christa Wagner


Only Republicans can save us

The bottom line is that only Republicans can save our nation from the ravages of a morally, mentally, and possibly bankrupt president and his dubious allies. The rub is that even Republican Party leaders who were shredded and demoralized by Trump during the campaign continue to lick his shoes and grab big smile photo-ops whenever they get the chance. Those ops are usually at freedom-shredding events where Trump is signing another executive order that ravages the health and stability of our nation’s middle class, our national heritage, and the good will of those who have — in only five months — become tenuous, rather than solid, allies.

The only way Republican Party leaders will do what needs to be done is for intelligent, honest, caring Republicans to push them into it. Every Republican sympathizer has to call whomever they can think of in government to tell them that Trump has to go, not because he’s not a super great businessman (though without tax returns, it’s impossible to tell), entertainer, and lover of women, but because he has no moral backbone, was elected without a majority and with the help of the Russians, and has no idea how to run a country — except into the ground.

What would it be like for your children and grandchildren to survive, rather than thrive, in a world without hope that comes from having lived in a country worthy of being called a “beacon of freedom” to all of humanity? Without rank and file Republican help, they will likely, and very sadly, find out.

Janice Palma-Glennie


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