Tuesday | May 31, 2016
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Letters | 6-14-14

June 14, 2014 - 12:05am

Safety of GMOs highly debatable

It is said that whoever controls the food source controls the people, which is exactly what the ag-chem-GMOers intend and without question is all about control of the world commodities market. They’ve had themselves installed into high positions in the federal government, akin to appointing Count Dracula oversight of a national blood bank, making legislation a snap to approve. Although their original claim was their product was supposed to feed the world, the lawsuits against small farmers and even a state make that highly debatable. Health issues associated are no problem for the GMO corporations, as they absolutely refuse to believe their products are responsible, so the first thing that happens after a test longer than their “long-term” 90-day test shows otherwise, there is an immediate campaign to discredit the research and its authors.

The websites momsacrossamerica.com and thinkingmomsrevolution.com have managed to acquire the ear of the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the health effects of glyphosate and how after a period of time on an organic diet, their children recovered from the maladies they strongly suspected were caused by GMOs and their associated biochemical warfare agents. These corporations are also among the prime movers of the TPP/TPIP, a global corporate fascist (corporate fascist is a redundancy) takeover, whose laws would trump national sovereignty, so any progress in banning or even labeling their products would be lost, among other things. If you are not pro GMO, this is what you are up against. Dave Kisor