Tuesday | December 01, 2015
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Letters | 6-1-14

June 1, 2014 - 12:05am

No aloha shown by this driver

We are new to living on the island, being bicoastal between Kona and California. Many times we have appreciated someone here blinking his headlights or giving us a wave to let us know to go ahead.

To the driver who was at the three-way stop of Royal Poinciana and Alii drives on May 16, I would encourage you to relax and learn to drive aloha. You apparently thought it wasn’t our turn to make a right hand turn and you raced up on us honking. Further down Alii when we turned off, you again honked and flipped us off. Your car did not look like a rental car so we assume you live here. Learn some manners and relax.

Karen Wren Mead


Mahalo for an uplifting story

I was pleased to read “A way with words” on May 14 on Page 1A of West Hawaii Today.

I applaud those who caused it to happen and those who reported it — and the participants.

I believe in uniting people — not driving a wedge between them.

Gene Barber