Friday | November 24, 2017
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Letters | 5-4-14

May 4, 2014 - 12:05am

We need to apologize to Sterling for violating his privacy

If we agree with the mainstream media reporting of Donald Sterling’s phone conversation, we do need to apologize to him and make restitution since the tarnishing of his name should never had started in the first place. His girlfriend should be prosecuted for defamation.

The real issue is not the the substance of what he said in private, but the fact that his privacy has been violated. If we do not stand for the right to stay private, none of us will be protected against persecution for our more intimate beliefs, which are protected by the Constitution. Don’t you realize that all of us are being played by the establishment and their controlled media? You can be sure that if Sterling’s remarks would have been against Christians, none of it would have inflamed the media.

If we do not react fast and denounce the criminal activity of the mainstream media reporting, we open the door to personal persecutions only seen before in tyrannic and totalitarian governments. What we say on our phone to another private person made of flesh and blood has no public signature to it. These days we have a witch hunt toward nonpolitical correctness. We cannot speak freely about our moral or religious convictions.

In the case of Sterling, even his God-given and legitimate common law right to free speech in private, is not guaranteed anymore and became criminalized. So, if we choose to go with the flow, we are all guilty toward God and our fellow men and we will reap in due time what is truly ours.

Alain Schiller


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