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Letters | 5-27-14

May 27, 2014 - 12:05am

Removal of coral messages wrong

I have felt very strongly about the removal of the coral names and symbols along Queen Kaahumanu Highway, and will now finally speak up and address those Dudley Do-Rights that performed this travesty.

This was not graffiti, rather many of them were lovingly placed for a particular reason.

My cousin, son and I gathered coral and then put my niece’s name to honor her, she died much too young. After six years of being undisturbed, it is now gone.

My friend, along with her family, placed names to celebrate a long-awaited marriage three years ago. It’s gone now.

I smiled when I would pass the name of a project I was backing — gone now, and so on.

When the removal of the coral comes up in conversation I have never heard anyone who supported those misguided efforts. Rather there are comments such as, who are these people and who gave them that right? Some are quick to blame those transplants from the mainland who are ignorant of the culture or who just don’t care. I have no idea if they are right or wrong.

Sure some of the names were on property that will be developed and would be eventually removed for development. That is island business — not people who have nothing better to do with their time that they spent hours and hours removing something that is none of their business.

Yes, I have seen the letters in this paper thanking those who did the dirty deed. Again I wonder who those people are and what segment of the population they represent.

I remain saddened that one of the Big Island tradions is gone forever.

Gail Loofbourrow