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Letters | 5-25-14

May 25, 2014 - 12:05am

Harbor looking so much better

I am an infrequent visitor to the harbor now, but used to go there often for work with a charter company. The conditions in the public areas, namely on the launch ramp side, were deplorable and an embarrassment.

I went to the harbor on Monday, and was pleasantly surprised to see so many improvements. The parking lot is graded and the road is no longer just a collection of potholes. The bathrooms building is clean, with intact sinks, soap dispensers — with soap, towel dispensers — with towels, and functioning toilets, complete with new stalls and doors — and toilet paper. There is a clean, covered waiting area for guests with benches. No longer is a stinking Dumpster right next to the ramps that guests must traverse to get to the boats. And the dock walkways are being improved so it’s not a safety concern to walk to the boats.

Neil Abercrombie came to the harbor to see conditions during his campaign for governor four years ago, and pledged to make the harbor acceptable. There may be more work to do, but these huge improvements are testaments to his honoring his pledge.

Jean Bevanmarquez