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Letters | 5-19-14

May 19, 2014 - 12:05am

Scuba attack: The other side of story

The recent article, “Activist attacked while filming,” in West Hawaii Today on May 13 shows only one side of the story about an attack on a diver. What almost no one knows about is the deliberate anti-fishing campaign conducted by individuals from an eco-terrorist group.

These individuals are being allowed to harass fishermen in Hawaii. Aquarium collecting, and all other legitimate fishing methods, are not immune to this constant harassment of our way of life. Fishermen, who provide our communities with fresh fish, have become the target of members of Sea Shepherd. What was seen on video was the result of a provocation intended to get these aquarium collection fishermen to react badly and be captured doing this on video.

People have a right to do their business and not be disturbed. What is the state going to do to protect us from this harassment? It’s not about protecting fish. It’s about Hawaii’s citizens being able to work without having to worry about being attacked. It’s about making sure people have the freedom to make a living, feed their families, and feed their communities.

We cannot allow this mentality to continue.

Makani Christensen


Who’s to blame for scuba attack?

It seems there is more and more “news” reported on the aquarium fish collectors, and it seems most of the news is generated by the initial actions of the fish huggers. It’s unfortunate West Hawaii Today neglected to mention much about the harassment by Rene Umberger that actually started the confrontation. The article stated only that she was cited for harassment. Based on some Internet research, it seems it wasn’t her first action like that, so anyone reading the article should do it with a grain of salt.

I have no connection to the fish collectors, I have no connection to the fish huggers, and I don’t dive. In fact, I can’t even swim.

John S. Rabi