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Letters | 4-6-14

April 6, 2014 - 12:05am

Let’s change how we ride bicycles

Bicycle. Could the right side be the wrong side? I always thought that riding a bike, the wrong way, facing traffic was safer; as you are always aware of the oncoming traffic, and can see whether the driver actually notices you. You can pull aside if you think the driver is not seeing you, driving erratically, driving under the influence or may be coming too close for comfort.

It’s very difficult, when you are on the right side, moving with the flow of traffic to see a vehicle approaching from the rear; and you can’t always look back to see if the driver is seeing you, as you have to keep your eyes on the road to avoid potholes, rocks or other obstacles that may be in your path.

Riding on the wrong side, with pedestrians, could have its problems too; however, a simple bicycle bell, like the ones used in Holland, will resolve that issue.

I trust that there are really good reasons as to why we ride with traffic, however, I would prefer to cautiously ride along with the pedestrians rather than be hit from the back by a vehicle.

If changing the law to ride on the wrong side could be right, by saving lives, then why not? After all, isn’t biking sort of pedestrial anyway?

Raymond Kawamata