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Letters | 4-2-14

April 2, 2014 - 12:05am

Water bill surcharges tend to shock

I recently received my water bill and was amazed with the “Power Cost Charge” of $49, a usage charge of $29, and a “Standby Charge” — whatever that is — of $31. If I would not use a drop of water, my water bill would be $80 every two months just to have the hookup.

As the largest portion of the bill outside of the Water Department’s control is the power cost from Hawaii Electric Light Co., it seems that the Water Department should follow Hawaiian Telcom’s lead and put in photovoltaic systems to lower those substantial power cost charges on everyone’s water bills.

Maybe we need to bring this to the County Council’s attention?

John Scribner


Bicyclist’s accident could have been worse

I’d like to add my own anecdote to Taky Tzimeas’ letter about road safety.

I was an avid bicyclist on the mainland, going just about everywhere on my bike, in Long Beach, Calif. I was pedaling at a pretty good clip, almost keeping up with traffic, when a lady in a parked car opened her door in front of me.

I saw the front wheel pop loose and continue rolling up the street while I did a somersault into the air over her door and nearly landed on my feet about 15 feet next to the front bumper of the car in front of her. The impact was so powerful, happening so quickly, the metal fender over my front tire was peeled back from the right side, leaving the left side intact — like a torn piece of paper. Her door was bent so badly, it couldn’t be closed.

The police cited the lady, and her insurance company settled for my broken watch, some minor scrapes and a new bike. It could have been a whole lot worse.

Dennis L. Lawson