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Letters | 4-14-14

April 14, 2014 - 12:05am

Drivers should secure open loads

I would like to remind all drivers with loads of any kind in a truck or trailer to please check two times then check a third time that the load is secure.

At about 11 a.m. April 10, I was heading south on Queen Kaahumanu Highway and had just reached the turn off to the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority. A white flatbed truck loaded with construction gear was approaching the intersection from the west and turned right into the merge lane so he could join me in the southbound lane. The driver was driving a safe speed and I decided it was best to let him get in front of me. As he did I began to worry about the safety of his load and so I decided to back off so there was plenty of space between us. It is a good thing I did. As he got into the southbound traffic lane and accelerated a piece of lumber flew off and bounced in front of me. It landed near the center yellow stripe on the highway and fortunately did not hit me or anyone else.

I followed the truck and when he turned into Hulikoa Drive I did, too. When he parked, I stopped and told him about the lumber he had dropped on the highway. He was completely unaware that he had done so.

Please anyone with a loaded truck or trailer check your load before you drive away.

The driver of the white flatbed truck did not use his turn signal when he merged on the highway from NELHA and again when he turned left off the highway onto Hulikoa Drive.

Turn signals are there for a reason and we all should use them.

Susan T. Wehren


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