Saturday | October 21, 2017
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Letters 3-6-14

March 6, 2014 - 12:05am

Our governmental system is broken

I read that 60,000 homes on the Big Island depended on water catchment? Our population is 185,000 people, this translates into 50,000 residences. Our island is a very rural place. There are not a lot of people here. It is hard for people just to pass through from some other place. Divide the population in three — Hilo, Kona, Waimea. Now each area has 16,000 residences and most of them are on county water. I think you must have meant 6,000 homes depended on water catchment?

Because we are so rural, we desperately need to have more of the “we are all in this together” attitude and less of the every man for himself attitude. On one hand are problems that are insurmountable and if changes are not made we are going to complete the process of poisoning ourselves off. On the other hand, we have the power we need to start the process of change if we can stop blaming the other side and unite for the good of our planet and our own little Big Island.

Why is it that the authorities want to make sure the kayak vendor at the bottom of Napoopoopo Road, the surfer dude giving lessons at Kahaluu, and the vendors at your local farmers markets pay their taxes. But General Electric, which made more than a billion dollars in profit, paid no tax and, in fact, has enough tax credits left from last year that it probably will pay no tax this year. Why don’t the authorities go after them?

They say genetically modified organisms are safe. I don’t believe it. Take it off our small rural island.

George Bush lied and 7,000 soldiers are dead because of it. Check this fact, for everyone killed, 10 have come home and committed suicide. Why did we go to Iraq? Why do we allow war crimes, lying and torture. On the other hand, Eric Snowden told you the truth. Why do the authorities want to hunt him down like a mad dog? Gee, my letter is too long and I still wanted to answer Frank Dickenson’s claim that Barrack Obama is the worst president ever. That is in the world where Bill Clinton handed Obama a budget surplus and then Obama bailed out the banks.

Our system is broken and as long as we vote for somebody instead of something it will remain broken. Nobody can fix it, whomever you elect will fail. Together we can over throw this corporate bondage and make the decisions that still may save our planet.

Ken Moerk


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