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Letters | 3-15-14

March 15, 2014 - 12:05am

Bicyclists must recognize limitations

There have been a few letters by bicycle riders asserting their right of way. It calls to mind an old limerick “he was right, dead right, as he sped along, but he’s just as dead as if he was wrong.” I can rightfully claim to be an expert on this, having been qualified in court over 100 times, and ridden a motorcycle a half million miles.

Cyclist all: Please look out for yourself. Sometimes that means getting off the bike and walking a few yards. Stop signs and red lights apply to you, too. The visual image of a bicycle is so small that it’s easy to miss or misinterpret. Be visible with bright colors and lots of reflectors, especially below the waist. Black Spandex does not catch the eye. Slow vehicle reflecting triangles are catching on, and that’s good. No one wants to hit you, but you have to recognize your limitations.

Ken Obenski

Kona Traffic Safety Committee Chairman


Most cyclists do not obey all signage

This is in response to “Drivers should obey all signage” in the West Hawaii Today letters section March 13.

I, too, am a frequent bicyclist in and around Kailua-Kona, and I agree with the writer. If your letter prevents one accident, thank you.

And … most drivers do obey signage; most cyclists do not. The message to drivers making a turn, and to cyclists cruising a stop sign — heads up everybody.

Stanley Froseth


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