Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Letters 2-7-14

February 6, 2014 - 3:59pm

Sports complex would be blessing

Well, so much for being a good neighbor.

The colossal hotel and condo complex to the north is whining because a long-awaited sports complex might make a little noise? Sounds like the same whine from opponents to a drag strip proposed near the Old Kona Airport Park.

A very noisy dragster was cranked up at the airport and people were invited to call in when they heard this “terrible racket.” Truth be told, nobody calling to complain could pinpoint the exact time the dragster was revving up.

The proposed sports complex would be a blessing for Kona residents. As for a noise problem 3 miles away — prove it.

Steve Snyder


Legislature’s mad dash hurts constituents

As I peruse the Hawaii legislative website, available to all at capitol.hawaii.gov/upcominghearings.aspx, I am amazed and awed at the brain power of our legislators. I mean, 149 hearings scheduled in one day.

Excuse me, but how in the world can these people honestly hear and consider 149 bills in one day? As I scroll through, there are bills for drones (also known as unmanned aircraft), firearms, how to take away home rule from the counties, lots of tax stuff, how to take away ag lands, space station, bottle fee, unreported children, unions and on and on.

How can our “representatives” make informed choices when they have all of two minutes to hear a bill and make decisions that could impact our health, welfare, safety and environment? Oh, sorry, there are actually times where there are 10 bills scheduled, and then one minute later another five bills. This is baloney.

We need to change the way our government does business. Some of these representatives don’t even read the bills their constituents bring to them for their endorsements. How can they, they don’t physically have the time?

So, all I can pray for is that you with your computers, please log onto the Hawaii Legislature website, and look through those bills, read them, submit testimony, and be darn quick about it, because they only give you a day to do it.

What it boils down to, is the government really doesn’t want you to be informed, certainly doesn’t want you to have time to read and digest and make meaningful contributions to your hometown laws, or they wouldn’t have this mad dash to the finish line every new year, then sit around and chew their cud the rest of the time, while we are floundering at home.

Sara Steiner