Monday | June 29, 2015
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Letters 2-4-14

February 3, 2014 - 2:35pm

All good ideas for our village

This letter is in response to the letters printed in the Feb. 1 edition of West Hawaii Today.

Regarding the Kailua-Kona area, including the former Keauhou Beach Hotel by Hugo van Platen Luder: His idea is a great usage for the area. It would enhance the Kona Coast and our area with something needed that would tie in nicely with traditional Hawaiian aloha, ohana and care.

From the same paper, I would also like to add more for Eric von Platen Luder and Karen Kloepping to consider about the farmers market area. This area is truly the center of the village and in an area that is receiving some upgrades and attention. The problem is that with the new church, new businesses and street cleaning, we still have a throwback to the early 1970s that looks like a “homeless shanty town” sitting in the middle of our improvements.

Everyone likes the farmers market; it should be left right where it is, but it needs a face-lift. Maybe some semi-permanent supports to support some new theme-designed tarps. Have the poles painted some bright colors, have some tarps made using flower designs or palm designs and thatching to give it the “island” look — all one design in many colors. Not the black and silver rags of now.

I understand that it is private property, but I am also sure that between the three of you and the rest of us that call Kailua-Kona our home we can find some way and some money for village improvement that can be used for such a project. I have friends that work and own the businesses at the market. They are not happy about the condition of their stores. They don’t like the leaking traps, the hot sun and junk sitting every place, but that is the “look” that has been pushed out there for people to believe it to be a farmers market in someone’s mind?

There are more than fruit stands and veggies at the market — there are local art items and snacks. Let’s make this area more of our village by taking some pride and helping it to look like the place we call home, not part of the landfill.

The two von Platen Luders have been part of Kona a long time and done many good things. Here is another project. Let’s give it a try.

Bob Dempsey