Thursday | January 19, 2017
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Letters 2-28-14

February 28, 2014 - 12:05am

Mahalo for keeping Makaeo beautiful

I have a great appreciation for the committed volunteers who continually care for the Makaeo Walking/Jogging Path at Old Kona Airport Park. A nucleus of loyal volunteers work regularly to maintain this special place in our community.

Caring for all the plants and flowers and the clean up of garden debris that accumulates is hard work. Yet, these committed people consistently can be seen working hard on their plots and the whole Makaeo garden.

Their friendly smile welcomes many a visitor to the park. A friendly wave, or even conversation from our volunteers helps us all feel comfortable. Pulling weeds, trimming trees and bushes, and keeping the plots attractive takes time.

These Makaeo volunteers are persistent in their efforts. As I look back over the last 1o years, I have watched this garden park become a significant showcase for what community effort can accomplish.

Appreciation and mahalos are also due to our county workers. Funds do not exist to maintain Makaeo under Hawaii County Department of Parks and Recreation. Yet, in lawn care, fallen trees and hauling away waste and debris, these workers do their part as best they can for all of our community. Also, a big mahalo to University of Nations students for their efforts in taking care of the park.

Roland Vieira


So much trouble on Mamane Street

I moved to Honokaa from Ka‘u in May 2013. Since then, I’ve noticed beer drinking and illegal drugs have skyrocketed and messed up the pristine town of Honokaa. I’ve witnessed beer drinkers lives go down the drain taking the town down with them. Currently, the police are on foot patrol on Mamane Street on a daily basis signalizing so much trouble in Honokaa as people snap big-time frequently. They don’t even have police on foot patrol on sleezy Keeaumoku Street on Oahu.

Being the person who tries to improve each and every day, I want to tell the youth that beer drinking isn’t glamorous or cool. It destroys the minds and bodies of people who consume beer and many of them die prematurely. Most important, they tend to be sad in nature. Basically beer drinking destroys promising lives of people of all races and ages. There has got to be a stop to it to especially the innocent youth.

In most cases, it is the adults who prove to be poor role models turning on the youth to underage drinking.

Dean Nagasako


Aloha spirit is alive and well

I’m a snow bird from Canada and we come here to Kona for three to four months a year. I’ve been coming here with my husband for about 19 years. We both love the Hawaiian people, the aina and the culture of the island.

Today, I was in KTA at Keauhou and had the most amazing experience. I insisted that the Hawaiian man behind me in the check-out line go ahead of me as he only had a bottle of water.

When it was time to pay for my groceries the cashier informed me they were paid for by the gentleman ahead of me. I chased after him and only had time to give him a hug while I kept the others in line waiting, then he disappeared. What was important was what the cashier said, “he’s an angel, you are blessed, pass it on.”

The only way to truly understand the spirit of aloha is to experience it as I did today.

The spirit of aloha is well and alive on this island, take note everyone and share your aloha.

Dorothy Kellythorne