Friday | September 30, 2016
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Letters 2-22-14

February 22, 2014 - 12:05am

Vote out all the incumbents

I am totally in agreement with Michelle Kerr’s letter to West Hawaii Today on Feb. 3, regarding the abuse of office by our elected politicians, local and national.

The United States is a democratic republic where those elected are responsible for representing their areas and working for the good of all of our country. This specifically does not include enriching themselves.

We, the people, have the right and obligation to fire those who abuse their office at the ballot box.

The opportunity occurs only once with regards to a second-term president, which sadly did not happen in the last election.

We have the chance in the next election to clean house by voting out all incumbents and prove to our politicians who is really the boss.

Thomas Walker


Food for thought on Keauhou Bay

Concerning Richard Bennett’s letter about the “overly nourished from multiple sources of nutrients nearshore and in the bay,” it would seem apparent that the adjacent first fairway is just east of the “impaired visibility” of the shallow inner sections of the bay is caused by runoff from fertilizers and brackish irrigation leaching into the bay. Compound this with the diminished circulation of the bay’s inner waters.

I worked for Kameha-meha Investment Corp. Nursery for 11 years and lived in a company house on the bay for several years. I know Keauhou Bay well, in and out of the water. Anyone who has snorkeled in the bay around the shallows will see the “rippling distortions” in the waters along the rocky shoreline, which is the fresh and brackish waters mingling with the ocean’s salinity. Also note that the golf course’s irrigation is from the water treatment plant, located on the golf course. It is all brackish water, nonpotable effluent derived from septic systems from the resorts and condos all within the KIC resort area. Let that seep in (pun intended). Human waste from people from all over the world treated in that wastewater plant, then dispersed as irrigation. Food for thought on the subject of the health of Keauhou Bay.

Dennis L. Lawson