Letters 12-19-13

Driver’s license renewal questionable

Leningrad Elarionoff’s letter regarding driver’s license renewal is right on. I have lived here for 50 years, went to renew my license, and was turned away due to not having a certified copy of my first marriage in 1981. The original wouldn’t do.

The person behind me in line had no documents and did not speak English, but no problem — he got his. Bull-oney!

F. Farrell


Gun control laws don’t prevent crime

Would someone please tell me what sensible gun control looks like? I know of no law that prevents crime. Laws do not prevent crime, they punish crime.

If gun control laws prevented crime the cities that have the toughest gun control laws would have the least gun violence. Ironically, its just the opposite. The cities that have the strictest gun laws are the most violent. Washington and Chicago are the most glaring examples of this. Gun laws only succeed in disarming the law-abiding. Therefore, cities with the most restrictive laws make their citizens more vulnerable, not less.

Know why gun crime is less in Texas? Criminals know they are far more likely to encounter a victim who can defend himself in Texas than in Chicago.

Folks, there are no laws that will prevent gun violence.

The only answer to gun violence is to be prepared for it.

David C. Chrisman