Letters 12-10-13

Why I shop the ‘big box’ stores

I will admit that I admire the idealistic suggestion in the letter from Janice Palma-Glennie published on Dec. 5, but I would like to explain why many of the residents of Hawaii will continue to shop at the “big box” stores. Quite frankly, we cannot afford not to.

Just this week I experienced firsthand why I will have to go where my money serves me the best it can. Four months ago, I purchased two mango trees from a local nursery, for about 50 percent more than similar trees at the “big box” but it was the better thing to do, or so I rationalized. Now one of the trees has appeared to die, and when I asked at the nursery what I should do, take pictures or bring in the dead tree, I was told it did not matter, as they don’t guarantee their plants, they are not a “big box.” I did not really expect a free replacement, but was hoping at least for a discount or sympathy.

Well, I can assure you that if a new tree is bought, it will come from a “big box” store where it will be cheaper, and carry the guarantee, because I cannot afford to be as community minded as I would like. That is why I will have to keep those big corporations in business, they have won me over.

Dan Olson


Stupidity seems to be contageous

Thank you for publishing Leningrad Elarionoff’s reasoned response to the current driver’s license debacle here in Hawaii on Dec. 1. The stupidity that seems to be a continuous product of our legislators never ceases to amaze me.

It must be a contagious thing because it is rampant all over the mainland U.S. as well, in many different forms, particularly at the federal level. I often thought that were one of the states to secede from the union, I would move there at once. Hawaiian sovereignty does not sound like a bad idea at all.

David Pargett