Thursday | April 27, 2017
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Letters 1-6-14

January 7, 2014 - 3:42pm

Where is the transparency?

Am I the only one who continues to wonder why our legislators routinely fail to inform us regarding what they are doing? Be they state or federal legislators, their votes and the reasons they vote for or against a bill are always held close to the chest.

President Barack Obama promised “transparency” as a major plank in his platform. We now know his “platform” was not accurate and he has gone back on most of his promises. My question is: When are our elected legislators going to provide an example by being transparent about what they are doing?

Months ago I talked with Tulsi Gabbard when she visited our island. I mentioned my interest regarding bills being passed or rejected and suggested it would be great if legislators started posting reasons why they vote yes or no on various bills. When I asked why she voted against a bill that sounded good to me, she mentioned “riders” that were tagged onto bills that prompted her “no” vote. In my humble opinion, it would be nice for us to know what those riders are.

If our legislators aren’t hiding things from us or voting for a bill because they were offered “pork” rewards (something we know Hawaii’s legislators are infamous for), why can’t we be informed? Links to controversial bills would be nice to have available for people like me that will read them, especially the “pork” attachments that Obama promised when he was campaigning wouldn’t be allowed.

Our legislators should be more interested in what is good for Hawaii than “supporting the agenda of a president” as one of our newly elected senators campaigned on. If they are incapable of making decisions for themselves and choose to be a bobble-head, they have no business in public office.

I still strongly support term limits. We do not need legislators becoming power hungry and dying in office.

Frank Dickinson


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