Thursday | December 08, 2016
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Letters 1-6-14

January 3, 2014 - 4:52pm

Why are feral cats exempt from invasive species laws?

We have strict nonnative invasive species laws in Hawaii. We are currently eradicating feral pigs, goats, sheep, axis deer, coqui frogs, etc. Why are feral cats exempt?

There is documentation of the damage, injury and deaths of endangered owls, hawks and seals because of feral cats.

Why are some people allowed to promote the spread of predators that are a threat to our health and endanger species?

I propose licensing all domestic cats, similar to what is now law for all dogs. All animals without tags, roaming on public property, will be taken to a shelter, and if not adopted within a specific time period, euthanized.

Do not let our island paradise be turned into the litter box of the Pacific. Malama the aina and protect our precious animals.

Alan Stump

Ocean View

Ignoring the laws at our own peril

Regarding the recent letter about small things like seat belt enforcement preventing large and tragic consequences. This leads back to the very basic criminology theory of “broken windows.” That is; small breakdowns in polite and civilized behavior lead to ever greater nasty behavior, just like spoiling a child leads to even worse behavior.

Ignoring super loud exhaust pipes on motorcycles and giving up on enforcing speed limits on motorcycles on Saddle Road is already having an effect. Harley riders have been seen around here wearing “patches” of a notorious mainland biker gang. This is no tea and cookies social club.

If our police force allows them to get a foothold here in Hawaii; if the Hawaii Police Department is going to let disrespect for the law become commonplace, then what? Every man for himself, and the devil take the weakest and unprotected?

Richard Swann

Captain Cook