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Letters 1-29-14

January 28, 2014 - 5:01pm

There’s time to take stand on Keauhou Bay mooring changes

How would you react if Keauhou Bay were restricted to power boats and prohibited to swimmers, kayakers and paddlers? The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources is planning to install seven recreational power boat moorings in the same area of Keauhou Bay long enjoyed by swimmers, kayakers and paddlers. The DLNR allegedly has already reserved these moorings for seven recreational power boat owners. Their identities are available from DLNR but their connection to DLNR is open to speculation.

Power boats in this area would be an invitation to tragedy, thus prompting DLNR to prohibit swimmers, kayakers and paddlers at Keauhou Bay. DLNR is now awaiting Army Corps of Engineers approval of the DLNR application. Approval of the application would only encourage DLNR to employ this same tactic at other bays throughout Hawaii.

Please express your dissent to the DLNR application by Feb. 17 to either of these addresses:, Re: Edward Underwood, DLNR/DOBR, Corps File #POH-2012-00124 (must show an email address) or Re: Edward Underwood, DLNR/DOBR, Corps File #POH-2012-00124,. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District Regulatory Office, Bldg. 230, Attn: Jessie Paahana, Fort Shafter, HI 96858-5440.

Michael K. Sylmond


Outraged over House Bill 2506

While I am not surprised, I can still be outraged that House Bill 2506 was introduced by Rep. Howard Onishi and sponsored by four other unnamed Hawaii Island representatives, amending the state’s “right to farm law” to usurp local governments’ authority restricting genetically modified organism recognized crops and growing practices from their lands.

Starting with our mayor, I feel certain that he was aware when he allowed the Hawaii County Council to approve a bill for greater restrictions and oversight to pass, he and all of the interests supported by agribusiness on this island — including the Univeristy of Hawaii — could be confident that the people’s will would be circumvented by a “higher authority” as is typical when big money of wealthy private and corporate interests is vested in legislative outcomes.

Really? I can’t believe that we are stupid; but are we too lazy, or too disheartened to change the way our governments do business? Greed rules all, at the expense of the people, their health and their lands and environment now and into the future.

Dear Superior Being: Please make it stop.

Carolyn Pellett