Letters 1-26-14

Mayor Kenoi, do something about Alii Drive traffic congestion

How come our Mayor Billy Kenoi, so far, has not made it a priority toward alleviating the traffic congestion in the areas from Keauhou to Kailua Village, which is, mainly, congestion on Alii Drive, now known as “Alii Thoroughfare.”

What has happened to the Alii highway boondoggle?

All we now hear are rumors that “it’s never going to happen” and how a group wants to convert said area (roadway) into a walking, biking, dogging avenue. Bear in mind that this whole thing about the everlasting iwi that are not even those of an alii. That is all fine and good, but it does not alleviate the ongoing and ever expanding traffic congestion.

Maybe it is still the old pass the buck, not on my watch, just leave this ongoing everlasting problem for the next guy.

However, doing that does not make one who may have aspirations, a very suitable candidate for governorship nor for gaining certain appointed political positions.

I would rather see our present mayor get the ball rolling now, so that our next mayor would have to finish the job and where a lot of credit would naturally still bounce back to Kenoi. Sort of like the Daniel K. Inouye Highway that was started by others, but completed by the Honorable Daniel K. Inouye.

John Jacobsen


State reps should leave county GMO laws alone

Well, I guess we can see who is on our side with the latest slap in the face in the genetically modified organism issue. Our state representatives think they can push GMOs down our throats. This should not pass. It’s wrong and bad for our health. It is bad for our aina.

It is great for Monsanto and the rest like them. So, who is really running the show? Us or them? Do we sit back and take it or do we let these reps know that they work for the people who voted them in?

Enough already with the in-your-face oligarchy. Out with these bozos.

I do not like this and will not have it.

Tom Beach


Good old days are gone already

I remember in the not too distant past when people had the ability to go to the mountains and the sea for gathering purposes and having the ability to put food on the dining table. Today, sadly this is not the case for we are forced to shop at corporate monsters.

With the economic times not too great and Hawaii’s financial future even bleaker with the rapid erosion of our beaches, it is sad or even a sin that the common people of Hawaii can’t go to the mountains or the sea for gathering and subsistence purposes.

Perhaps, the end is near, as many churches preach, and in the mind of many it seems to be true. Without our beaches, perhaps tourism will die in Hawaii. Taxes will go up and the cost of “paradise gone” will be ridiculous. The good old days are gone already.

Dean Nagasako