Sunday | August 30, 2015
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Letters 1-20-14

January 17, 2014 - 6:25pm

Credit monitoring a trial to obtain

The state is urging Target customers to use free credit monitoring but an email address can only be used once. If a couple only uses one email address, they will have to go through quite a dance.

I spent about an hour this morning trying to get my husband and myself signed up. I used the credit monitoring site and entered my name and our email address. OK. Then I logged back on and entered my husband’s name and our email address. Return message was “you are already registered.” I called Target. The agent said I had to call Experian and she gave me the number and a special code. Did. Experian got me fully registered and said my husband could be added to the account with his information but another department had to do this. He transferred me. That department said “no,” my husband and his information could not be added to the account and told me to call Target. I did. This time Target said the only way to get my husband registered was to call Experian and gave me another code, and tell them he does not have an email. They will send information by phone. This was not fun.

Since information on a phone is not always audibly clear, I’m not sure what to do. Create another email account to use or trust we can understand when we get the code by phone?

Gail Jackson


Just wait — county will raise GET

The general excise tax is a regressive tax. It falls hardest on those least able to pay.

It is an inefficient tax, since it falls on every single business transaction, causing too much bookkeeping. It falls more heavily on local businesses than chains that obtain their goods outside Hawaii jurisdiction.

If you believe that once the county has the right to increase it they won’t, I have some choice real estate to show you in Royal Gardens.

If the county needs more money, how about collecting all those unpaid tipping fees first.

Ken Obenski