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Letters 1-14-14

January 13, 2014 - 3:29pm

Questioning the divisiveness

The Washington Post article by Philip Tucker in the Jan. 2 edition of West Hawaii Today was very revealing. Basically, we have U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa challenging Sen. Brian Schatz for his Senate seat. When she first announced she was running I asked “why?” After reading the article I again ask “why?”

The article makes it clear we have two progressive liberals running against each other. There is very little, if any, difference in their politics. The late Sen. Daniel Inouye requested the governor appoint Ms. Hanabusa after his passing. Instead, Mr. Schatz was appointed.

As Mr. Tucker points out, there is “ … a bitter feud that is dividing Democrats along ethnic and generational lines … ”. “ … the divide is personal … ”. So why is Ms. Hanabusa giving up her House seat? Sounds like sour grapes and a personal agenda.

Rep. Hanabusa is beginning what will be a very expensive campaign. That money could be much better spent helping Hawaii’s children, helping our needy and helping our environment. She has been doing a good job in the House and could continue there for many years. Her campaign will be so divisive to our small congressional contingent of four.

The article also quotes HGEA President Randy Perreira whose organization supported Sen. Inouye and is now supporting Sen. Schatz as saying, “ … all of us are moving on.” Well not quite “all.”

“Hanabusa sounded angry and at times bitter that Abercrombie passed her over for Schatz,” according to Tucker’s interview with her. She was quoted as saying that Abercrombie wanted “ … somebody who’s going to be there forever … No one — no one — should feel that level of entitlement.”

And so I ask Ms. Hanabusa, are you so entitled just because Sen. Inouye said you were? Too bad you’re not more intent on doing the job for which you were elected.

Dan Sabo


Why can’t more people use turn signals?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the drivers on the road would use turn signals to let others know of their intentions? Most of us do not have psychic abilities and therefore do not know what you are going to do.

It is just common courtesy and respect for others, that unfortunately, some people just don’t have.

Doreen Vail