Saturday | December 16, 2017
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Letter to the editor: 8-8-17

August 8, 2017 - 12:05am

Aloha means socialism

Under the colonial dictatorship of Donald Trump the evils of poverty, inequality and discrimination have grown. Capitalism is the problem, and the U.S. military presence makes us a target.

Hawaii should become an independent, eco-socialist nation based on feminist and anti-racist principles, with a nationalized tourism industry, collective farms, universal health care, free college and the Hawaiian language.

Real aloha means socialism and human rights.

Eric Hafner

Mountain View

Is golf course irrigation to blame?

The posting of unsafe water signs at Pine Trees beach park since July due to high levels of enterococcus bacteria have locals concerned the gray water irrigating the golf course is to blame.

The current water restrictions in place for West Hawaii residents has water department staff also closely monitoring the amount of fresh water pumped from the six private wells tapped into the same aquifer.

Nitrates build up in the turf when gray water is used and must be mixed with at least one part fresh water to two-parts gray water in order to not become toxic. Restrictions on water use have had course managers overly relying on gray water from the resorts own wastewater treatment machine built directly next to the public beach access road. With seemingly no property setback, it is hard to miss as you pass through as the smell of raw sewage always greets you.

Matthew Cintas


Mass transit proving to be a waste

Given the debacle in the bus department, the failures in the wells, the major deterioration of the highways, especially in Ka’u, maybe the County Council members should dial back their wanderings.

The monies saved could sure be used in repairing Highway 11 in Waiohinu and South Point Road. And while they were applied a little adult supervision, some investigation of the cost overruns on county projects is direly needed. Maybe WHT could look into that.

Harvey W. McDaniel


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