Friday | July 21, 2017
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Letters to editor: 7-15-17

July 15, 2017 - 12:05am

‘Leftist policies’ have proven track record

Mr. Jim Higgins’ letter, lamenting how “leftist policies” have ruined us, is filled with misinformation.

He asks, “why are 90 million Americans unemployed?” Actually, it’s 96 million. However, when people who are not seeking employment – i.e. students, retired, sick, or disabled people and those running their households are subtracted out, 5.4 million unemployed remain, or 91 million fewer than the number cited by Mr. Higgins.

“Our beloved leftist President” Obama brought down the number of unemployed from a peak of 15.4 million (caused by poorly regulated financial markets) to the current 5-plus million. And, that was not done by bringing jobs back from China, increasing coal mining jobs or other snake oil remedies.

He also asks, “Why is (sic) our nation and most states underwater with debt?” Answer: waging decades of war, and not paying your taxes. Tax evasion costs us about $500 billion a year. Tax avoidance adds another $1-2 trillion: This is the $oup kitchen for the very wealthy — what Mr. Higgins calls “universal opportunities for all” created by conservatives.

And next: “Please give us the examples in history where leftist policies have actually succeeded and not crumbled into a heap of despair and ruin.”

Please fly over to the Great Leftist State of California – where true Democracy, inclusiveness and compassion rule under the governance of the Democratic Party. Experience this economic powerhouse — the sixth largest economy in the world, after the U.S., China, Japan, Germany and the U.K.

The final lament I’d like to answer: “Why do we have more takers than providers in our economy?” Answer: failed red state policies.

The largest percentage of SNAP (food stamp) recipients (through no fault of their own) are poor, white Republicans in red states.

On average, red states tend to take in more federal dollars than its residents pay in federal taxes (WalletHub research). For example, South Carolina, which leads the pack of parasites, receives $7.87 back from Washington for every $1 its citizens pay in federal taxes. Since it’s a zero-sum game, in aggregate, the blue states feed the parasites.

Sohrab F. Dorabji


Gravel strip in wrong spot

It has been about two months going that the County of Hawaii laid a gravel mixture strip on the mauka side of Akia Street in Honokaa next to the Honokaa County Gymnasium and Athletic Complex.

Also in close proximity to that gravel mixture strip on Akia Street is Hale Hauoli senior housing complex, where a lot of residents have become sick because of the dust blown when the winds hit the aforementioned gravel mixture.

Many residents from Hale Hauoli have visited their physicians with nasal problems, coughing and soar throats most likely caused by the gravel mixture hazard.

Personally, I’ve noticed people coughing as of late within the vicinity of Akia Street where the gravel mixture strip is. It is sad that the County of Hawaii uses such practices for they put individual lives in harm’s way. Something has to be done about this problem soon for lawsuits may arise. It is also sad that keiki lives are put in harm’s way, too, because Summer Fun is held at the Honokaa County Gymnasium.

Dean Nagasako


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