Letters | 5-10-14

We don’t need more military plane air contamination

I agree with some of the previous letters regarding the expansion of the airstrip in Pohakuloa.

We will be exposed to the continuous noise of the large airplanes, and their air contamination.

We, the people of the Big Island want to live in peace. We enjoy the expansion of aquaculture, expansion of the farming community, solar and wind energy. We don’t really need more money from the military. We have tourists that enjoys nature walks, the volcano, the observatories and ocean recreation. We have enough dealing with the vog without adding any more air contamination from military planes.

Perhaps this requires a petition to be signed by residents.

Christa Wagner


Military deserves more respect

I am writing in response to two letters in the May 8 West Hawaii Today regarding our military and the C-17.

I was raised in an era that loved, appreciated and respected our military, i.e. World War II. First, this is not going to be another Pearl Harbor. Have you even visited Pearl Harbor and the memorial cemetery there? It certainly brought tears to my eyes.

Besides that, I have put in appearances at some young men’s memorial services here in Kailua-Kona who I did not know because I want their families to know that I care that their loved one gave his life for our country and freedom.

I do not mind if the noise from C-17s or helicopters is around and over my house. I am grateful for the military and the veterans and I do not like the way they are treated, whether it is here or anyplace else. Get over it. They do need to extend the airfield at Pohakuloa Training Area.

I have lived on the Big Island for more than 18 years; this is my home. Far worse and much more annoying are all the mainlanders coming here now and turning our roads into California freeways and overcrowding everything.

I would like to see the military respected and loved more than they are now. Even our veterans are not treated very well. They certainly deserve better than they are receiving.

Anita Labertew


No guarantees with GMO labeling

It’s OK to label GMO foods, but I have to ask why the proponents do not take another tactic: Label GMO-free foods, as they do gluten-free, sugar-free, or fat-free. Organic may imply it, but not really. Could it be that no one can guarantee that their product is totally GMO free? The big food packagers might just respond with “May contain GMO ingredients” on everything making the labeling pointless.

Be careful what you wish for.

Ken Obenski