Thursday | June 29, 2017
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January 31, 2014 - 5:41pm

Inequality? You betcha

Inequality in America? You betcha – but not the way Washington is spinning it.

The biggest inequality is between the rich and powerful Washington elites and the rest of America. The disconnect between the president who thinks nothing of leaving a security tab of nearly $300,000 for his last Hawaii trip for City and County of Honolulu taxpayers. Add to that the more than $54,000 covering security for the first lady’s prebirthday stay on Maui and it is amazingly brazen. Not to mention the multiple vacations and celebrity galas routinely held at the White House.

Politicians make more money than us with the majority serving in Congress becoming millionaires before leaving office, they have more power than us, and they pay much less than us for Obamacare because we taxpayers subsidize them to the tune of 75 percent.

Inequality? You betcha. While Washington fat-cats get richer, American families are getting poorer, with a shocking 40 percent drop in our net worth and millions of American homes underwater or in foreclosure, and now the burdens of Obamacare stretching family budgets to the breaking point.

It’s time we had some real equality in America: between the ruling elites in Washington and the people they are supposed to represent.

Michelle “Mike” Kerr


Owner needs to clean up farmers market

I am so happy that Karen Kloepping expressed her feelings about the horrible blight down on Alii Drive right in the middle of the Kailua Village business district.

Someone really needs to talk to the owner of most of the property down there and ask him to spend a little bit of the money he’s raking in and clean that mess up now.

Show a little aloha and be proud of what you own. Doesn’t the county Building Department have anything to say about the hotel that’s falling down behind the businesses where he also owns the buildings? What’s wrong with you?

J. Duncan


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