Saturday | May 27, 2017
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  1. | Posted: Dec 4 2015 - 1:31am

    Elementary schools. College campuses. Churches. Military bases. Movie theaters. Health clinics. And now a center in California that helps children and adults with developmental disabilities.

  2. | Posted: Dec 3 2015 - 1:31am

    A report by the Government Accountability Office on the nation’s $1 billion germ warfare defense network does not inspire confidence. The network of air samplers called BioWatch in cities across the country is supposed to differentiate between harmless germs and lethal pathogens that could be unleashed by terrorists.

  3. | Posted: Dec 2 2015 - 1:30am

    This letter is not for publication.

  4. | Posted: Dec 1 2015 - 1:31am

    It has been about one month since congressional Republicans caved in on the national debt limit and approved a two-year budget, which conveniently suspended the debt limit until March 2017, just after the 2016 elections — and the spending floodgates have already opened up. In just those few weeks, spending has surged by nearly $600 billion, raising the official national debt to more than $18.7 trillion.

  5. | Posted: Nov 30 2015 - 1:30am

    The headlines are alarming: Murder is up around the country, caused by anything from more guns to a heroin epidemic to the so-called “Ferguson Effect” — the disputed idea that police officers have become less aggressive out of fear that their actions will be recorded by civilians and criticized after the fact.

  6. | Posted: Nov 18 2015 - 6:27am

    Congress could approve a six-year transportation bill by the end of this week, when authorization for federal transportation programs expires. Unfortunately, the legislation will not do nearly enough to improve aging bridges, fix highways or expand the capacity of mass transit and rail systems. Worse, it could make traveling on American roads and railways less safe.

  7. | Posted: Nov 18 2015 - 6:26am

    Of all the reactions to Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, some U.S. politicians’ objections to resettling Syrian refugees may be the most irrational. President Barack Obama has pledged to let in 10,000 people fleeing the carnage in Syria, but governors of at least two dozen states now say they won’t accept any. Presidential candidate Ted Cruz wants to admit only Christians.

  8. | Posted: Nov 15 2015 - 1:31am

    The federal government wants to ban smoking in public housing nationwide. Not just in lobbies, stairwells, laundry rooms and other common areas, but inside apartments, too.

  9. | Posted: Nov 14 2015 - 1:30am

    In the bombing campaign in Syria against the Islamic State group, the United States has been more or less left on its own; at the same time, international attempts to end the conflict may be moving forward.

  10. | Posted: Nov 11 2015 - 6:26am

    Professional sports teams have collected more than $53 million from the Department of Defense for patriotic displays that cheer the U.S. military. Two U.S. senators who authored a report on the practice decry it as unnecessary and wasteful “paid patriotism.”

  11. | Posted: Nov 10 2015 - 8:38am

    The European Parliament has urged its member states to embrace American fugitive Edward Snowden as a “whistle-blower and international human rights defender.” The former National Security Agency contractor remains in Russia, and the Justice Department has ignored his public entreaties for a plea deal that would allow him to return to the United States and face charges.

  12. Posted: Nov 8 2015 - 1:30am

    There is so much to learn yet, from the simple, like which streets connect Alii Drive to Queen Kaahumanu Highway, to the more complex, like the environment, trends in crime, budgets, history, the island.

  13. | Posted: Nov 6 2015 - 1:31am

    President Barack Obama’s plan to send up to 50 Special Forces troops to Syria “to train, advise and assist” is a mistake.

  14. | Posted: Nov 5 2015 - 1:31am

    This year’s presidential debates have succeeded far beyond expectations — for the networks. For the public, not so much.

  15. | Posted: Nov 4 2015 - 1:30am

    Why aren’t America’s public-assistance programs helping more people out of poverty? One important answer is that too many people who could benefit don’t sign up. Just 32 percent of those eligible for welfare enroll, along with 64 percent for Supplemental Security Income. And nonusers are often the people who need help the most.