Tuesday | January 24, 2017
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Remembering Cliff Kopp

| | Oct 19 2016 - 12:05am | Comments

Cliff loved puzzles and was a puzzle himself. He was challenging; running you through a series of innocuous questions inevitably leading to a conclusion he hand-picked for you. Cliff had many confusing personas; the unassailable hero dentist, the community builder, the mischief-prone Rotarian, and the relentless, obnoxious contrarian. He remarked that his favorite compliment came from Mayor Billy Kenoi as Cliff walked in, “you see that guy,” said Billy, “he’s a son of a bitch but he gets things done.” Cliff highly valued both descriptions. Nevertheless, Cliff was truly pleasurable company.

  1. | Posted: Dec 10 2016 - 12:05am

    WASHINGTON — So, this is the new conservatism’s recipe for restored greatness: Political coercion shall supplant economic calculation in shaping decisions by companies in what is called, with diminishing accuracy, the private sector. This will be done partly as conservatism’s challenge to liberalism’s supremacy in the victimhood sweepstakes, telling aggrieved groups that they are helpless victims of vast, impersonal forces, against which they can be protected only by government interventions.

  2. | Posted: Dec 9 2016 - 12:05am

    If you voted for Donald Trump, do not read this article. It is a waste of your time. You will not believe it. You will have to wait to experience it for yourself in time. For the rest of us though, reality seems clear enough.

  3. | Posted: Dec 9 2016 - 12:05am

    It is raining in Waimea today so I am stuck in the house and while watching the news, I learned that John Glenn had just passed away. It brought back memories from 54 years ago. I was a young Kau boy working to save money for college. Bendix Radio operated a Tracking Station at South Point in the NASA Program.

  4. | Posted: Dec 8 2016 - 12:05am

    By Dec. 7, 1941, “a date which shall live in infamy,” the war had been raging in Europe for more than two years.

  5. Posted: Dec 8 2016 - 12:05am

    I was deeply saddened to see Sean “Peaman” Pagett getting harassed by the employees of the DLNR at the last Peaman race.

  6. Posted: Dec 7 2016 - 12:05am

    Happily the opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline have won a major victory for the rights of Native Americans and protection of the environment.

  7. | Posted: Dec 6 2016 - 12:05am

    WASHINGTON — Whatever his other considerable achievements, our president-elect is not known for his broad reading in American history. But Donald Trump is about to enter that history. And in the spirit of new beginnings, he might view this as an opportunity to accumulate some inspiration, both for his inaugural address and his manner of governing.

  8. | Posted: Dec 6 2016 - 12:05am

    It’s party time. While months like February and July are among the wallflowers of the social season, and March somehow languishes too, December is the calendar’s social Miss Congeniality.

  9. Posted: Dec 5 2016 - 12:05am

    Republican president-elect Donald Trump, as everyone knows, launched his campaign with insults to women, Muslims, Mexicans and other minorities — and without apologies to anybody. He won election anyway.

  10. | Posted: Dec 3 2016 - 12:05am

    WASHINGTON — When Donald Trump first strides into the Oval Office as president, his perfect day is likely to be ruined by a file marked “North Korea.” Trump’s (first? only?) term in office may include either a messy confrontation with an unpredictable, highly combustible regime, or a rogue nation gaining the power to destroy large portions of Los Angeles with nuclear weapons. Or both.

  11. | Posted: Dec 3 2016 - 12:05am

    I would like to thank Dave Chrisman (“Global warming ‘facts’ not strong”) for pointing out the need for increased media coverage of the effects of climate change. Given the gravity of this issue and its current and potential future impact on our collective lives, there does need to be more reporting on this from all news sources. However, there is some coverage out there that you and others should check out. National Geographic has a good overview about sea level rise here:

  12. | Posted: Dec 2 2016 - 12:05am

    Kudos to Councilperson-elect Sue Lee Loy, for standing up for her constituents before even taking office. She demonstrates committed representation for those opposed to the county’s proposal to build a composting facility in District 3. Regardless of the environmental merits of such a facility, Lee Loy understands that there must always be meaningful community participation if the process is to stay pono.

  13. | Posted: Dec 1 2016 - 12:05am

    Thanksgiving Dinner warms your heart, the glowing family sitting around the table with mom and dad, grandma and all the kids. Dad carving the turkey, Mom passing the gravy.

  14. | Posted: Dec 1 2016 - 12:05am

    I recently met with President-elect Donald Trump to give voice to the millions of Americans, including my fellow veterans, who desperately want to end our country’s illegal, counterproductive war to overthrow the Syrian government. We had an hour-long, meaningful, back-and-forth discussion about the problems with current U.S. policy in Syria and where to go from here.

  15. | Posted: Nov 29 2016 - 12:05am

    America now has an openly racist, sexist, fascist President-elect. He says that global warming is a hoax and intends to pull out of the Paris climate accords. He’s pledged to tear up the nuclear weapons agreement with Iran. He’s promised to nominate only Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade, denying women the fundamental right of control over their own bodies. Trump plans to deport even more people than Obama has — 11 million mostly honest, hardworking people of Hispanic ancestry, including children. And he’s threatened, “We’re looking at” Muslims too, all Muslims, because he’s afraid of all Muslims.