Saturday | April 18, 2015
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  • | Posted: Apr 16 2015 - 12:05am

    WASHINGTON — Syracuse University alumni are new additions to the lengthening list of persons who can stop contributing to their alma maters. The university has succumbed — after, one suspects, not much agonizing — to the temptation to indulge in progressive gestures. It will divest all fossil fuel stocks from its endowment. It thereby trumps Stanford, whose halfhearted exercise in right-mindedness has been to divest only coal stocks. Evidently carbon from coal is more morally disquieting than carbon from petroleum.

  • | Posted: Apr 15 2015 - 12:05am

    Once again, what a difference a video makes.

  • | Posted: Apr 14 2015 - 12:05am

    WASHINGTON — The juxtaposition of Hillary Clinton’s and Marco Rubio’s announcements for president illustrates a serious problem for American progressivism: Its political bench looks as spry and novel as the old Soviet Politburo. Joe Biden? Jerry Brown? Elizabeth Warren? All fight for Social Security while qualifying for their full check.

  • | Posted: Apr 13 2015 - 12:05am

    WASHINGTON — It’s Hillary Clinton, not Jeb Bush, who will take former President George H. W. Bush as her role model. Her road to victory was blazed by Jeb’s dad in 1988.

  • | Posted: Apr 12 2015 - 12:06am

    WASHINGTON — Next week brings a constitutional moment illustrating a paradox of Barack Obama’s presidency. The catalyst of the drama is legislation proposed by Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, asserting Congress’ foreign policy responsibilities and prerogatives. The paradox is this:

  • | Posted: Apr 11 2015 - 12:05am

    WASHINGTON — The new tell-all, “The Residence,” featuring intimate anecdotes collected from past and current White House staff members, is absolutely delicious — and utterly lacking in nutritious content.

  • | Posted: Apr 9 2015 - 1:00am

    WASHINGTON — Rick Brattin, a young Republican state representative in Missouri, has come up with an innovative new way to humiliate the poor in his state. Call it the surf-and-turf law.

  • | Posted: Apr 8 2015 - 1:00am

    WASHINGTON — The apocalypse has been much on my mind.

  • | Posted: Apr 7 2015 - 1:00am

    You can tell that a movement is scoring some important points when its opponents want to change the subject.

  • | Posted: Apr 6 2015 - 1:00am

    WASHINGTON — Deals involving limits on weapons, nukes or otherwise, are intricate and technical. Only a limited number of people among arms-control connoisseurs fully grasp the meaning of every detail.

  • | Posted: Apr 5 2015 - 1:00am

    WASHINGTON — Visiting a struggling pitcher on the mound, Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver advised, “If you know how to cheat, start now.” Be advised that Googling is cheating as you try to identify:

  • | Posted: Apr 4 2015 - 5:45am

    DURHAM, N.C — We are all obsessed with our brands these days, and no one more so than states competing fiercely for jobs and businesses. Some of them are quickly learning that being seen as anti-gay is dangerous to their images.

  • | Posted: Apr 3 2015 - 1:00am

    WASHINGTON — Excited protests against Indiana’s recently passed religious freedom law have highlighted both America’s growing support for same-sex marriage and our apparent incapacity to entertain more than one idea at a time.

  • | Posted: Apr 2 2015 - 1:00am

    WASHINGTON — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was born in 1970, six years after events refuted a theory on which he is wagering his candidacy. The 1964 theory was that many millions of conservatives abstained from voting because the GOP did not nominate sufficiently deep-dyed conservatives. So if in 1964 the party would choose someone like Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, hitherto dormant conservatives would join the electorate in numbers sufficient for victory.

  • | Posted: Apr 1 2015 - 1:00am

    WASHINGTON — The John Boehner/Nancy Pelosi agreement on Medicare doctors’ payments — permanently easing up on scheduled cuts, funded (partially) by means testing — has been praised as an incremental gain and criticized as a small backward step. In either case, it is a rare bird: the result of a March 4 meeting between leaders in a metaphorical smoke-filled room (and, given Boehner’s smoking habit, perhaps an actual one).