Saturday | May 27, 2017
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The homeless: Shelter from the storm

| | May 26 2017 - 1:15am | Comments

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a series on the homeless population in North Hawaii, with possible solutions from local nonprofits, churches and community groups for how to tackle the problem.

  1. | Posted: Feb 28 2017 - 1:15am

    KOHALA — House Bill 2 gained more traction last week as it passed review by the Agriculture and Judiciary Committees. It will head for a vote on the floor of the Hawaii House of Representatives this Thursday or Friday. If approved, the bill will proceed to the State Senate sometime after March 9.

  2. | Posted: Feb 28 2017 - 1:10am

    WAIMEA — Sixty Kanu o ka Aina students in grades 9-12 were introduced to a new program on Friday that will added to the 2017-2018 school year this fall.

  3. | Posted: Feb 28 2017 - 1:05am

    PUAKO — Last Sunday, the Hokuloa United Church of Christ held a “Service of Recognition” for Reverend John Hoover, best known as Pastor John, for 26 years he has devoted to the church as well as his tireless efforts within the Puako community and South Kohala.

  4. | Posted: Feb 28 2017 - 1:00am

    WAIMEA — In collaboration with the University of Hawaii Manoa Cooperative Extension and Maui Office of Aging &Intergenerational Programs, Hawaii Community Caregiver Network is sponsoring a two-day Class Leader Training Workshop at Canada France Hawaii Telescope in Waimea.

  5. | Posted: Feb 24 2017 - 1:15am

    KAPAAU — The recent listing of seven species of Hawaiian Hylaeus yellow-faced bees protected under the Endangered Species Act calls attention to the plight of the world’s bee population.

  6. | Posted: Feb 24 2017 - 1:00am

    WAIMEA — Dancers dedicated to the art of hula do not simply tell a story with their hands, feet, body motions and facial expressions. Dedicated dancers radiate a deeper meaning by giving their audience a glimpse of an experience or moment in time that calls upon all of the senses.

  7. | Posted: Feb 24 2017 - 12:45am

    WAIKOLOA — Last Wednesday, The Elizabeth Dole Foundation announced its 2017 class of Dole Caregiver Fellows. Jessica Root of Waikoloa is one of 31 military and veteran caregivers carefully selected from across the country to represent the Foundation.

  8. | Posted: Feb 21 2017 - 1:15am

    WAIMEA — From the bright lights of Hollywood — where she worked as a costumer for nearly a decade — to the natural sunlight in her Waimea greenhouses, Toni Reed has enjoyed two successful careers in her lifetime.

  9. | Posted: Feb 21 2017 - 1:00am

    WAIMEA — Waimea Middle School is at the heart of the Waimea community, and at its center is a team of teachers dedicated to recognizing and meeting the educational needs of their students.

  10. | Posted: Feb 17 2017 - 1:15am

    WAIKOLOA — Hawaii Island’s efforts toward renewable energy and off-grid living took a giant leap with the inception of Ainamalu, a new Waikoloa community, which began construction this week.

  11. | Posted: Feb 17 2017 - 1:00am

    WAIMEA — The shortage of doctors in North Hawaii is an on-going challenge.

  12. | Posted: Feb 17 2017 - 12:45am

    NORTH HAWAII — More than 100 years ago, the first Boy Scout troop was formed in North Hawaii in Niulii, near Pololu Valley.

  13. | Posted: Feb 17 2017 - 12:30am

    WAIKOLOA — Last Saturday, Waikoloa Canoe Club members celebrated the rebirth of their koa canoe, Kama O Ka Lani, which means “star of the heavens” in Hawaiian. Reverend Danny Akaka performed a blessing ceremony before it was returned to the waters in Anaehoomalu Bay.

  14. | Posted: Feb 14 2017 - 10:10am

    WAIMEA — On Feb. 3, while almost everyone else in town was getting their pink on for the Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival, the new Waimea Butcher Shop quietly opened its doors. At least that’s what they thought would happen.

  15. | Posted: Feb 14 2017 - 1:15am

    WAIMEA — Nine Hawaii Preparatory Academy middle-schoolers were offered a chance to not only learn about helicopters and airplanes, but to fly them too last week.