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Volcano, earthquake monitoring continues at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

August 11, 2014 - 3:28pm

Intermittent disruptions in eruption updates, webcam imagery, earthquake data, and other information normally available on the U.S. Geological Society Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website could continue for the next few days.

HVO staff worked through the weekend to repair damage to the observatory’s power system that occurred during Tropical Storm Iselle, but complete restoration of the system is not expected until at least Wednesday.

According to HVO Scientist-in-Charge Jim Kauahikaua, volcanoes on Hawaii Island continue to be closely monitored. “Fortunately, Iselle caused no or little damage to our field instruments, so HVO’s monitoring network is functioning normally,” he said, “but power issues within the observatory are impairing our ability to process the data and update our website.”

As of Monday morning, Kilauea continued to erupt at its summit and near Puu Oo on the volcano’s East Rift Zone. The level of the summit lava lake within Halemaumau Crater was relatively steady at 115 to 130 feet below the vent rim. The active East Rift Zone lava flow, which had reached 4.3 miles east-northeast of Puu Oo, as of Aug. 6, the day before Iselle struck, continued to advance into forest. HVO geologists plan to map the progress of the lava flow during a scheduled overflight on Tuesday.

Should the scientists observe any significant change in volcanic or seismic activity, HVO will immediately notify Hawaii County Civil Defense and other emergency managers and will keep the public informed through media releases.

“For now, we appreciate your patience when visiting the HVO website. We are working as quickly as possible to fully restore our power system so that the website operates smoothly and without interruption,” Kauahikaua added.

Updates for Hawaii’s active volcanoes and earthquake data for the State of Hawaii are posted on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website at You can also call 967-8862 for a Kilauea summary or email questions to

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