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Kilauea is a moody volcano

Trekkers to the summit were used to seeing explosions, but nothing like this. Within minutes, several hundred perished as a cloud of hot ash, fist-size rocks and steam swept across them at hurricane velocity. Some were scorched to death and others suffocated, right along the trail they thought was safe. It was by far the worst tragedy known to have occurred at Volcano 1.

Pahoa Village Road reopens

The remainder of Pahoa Village Road reopened at noon Wednesday in time for the Thanksgiving Day holiday, Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Darryl Oliveira said.

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Coming up for air in lower Puna

The past several weeks have been full of suspense and emotion for residents of the lower Puna District. Rather than being restful, recent weekends have been busy with notable events. On Oct. 25, lava crossed Cemetery Road/Apaa Street on the outskirts of Pahoa. On Nov. 9, a new lobe widened the flow along the road, entered private property and threatened an evacuated home. Just before noon the next day, the house was consumed by fire, the first residential structure taken by the June 27 lava flow.