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Lava flow breakout widening

A lava breakout along the north margin of the June 27 lava flow did not advance during the past 24 hours, Hawaii County Civil Defense reports Monday morning.

Volcano watching on the other side of the world

If you were to drill a hole straight through Earth from Hawaii, you would eventually reach Botswana in Southern Africa. Not far from there — in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Madagascar — lies a little French island called La Reunion. And on the east side of this island is an active volcano named Piton de la Fournaise.

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June 27 lava flow: It’s more than just a flow front

Daily reports on the June 27 lava flow posted by Hawaii County Civil Defense and the U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory always include an update on the position of the leading tip of the flow. The flow front position is the simplest indicator of the activity and its potential threat. But the June 27 flow, like other pahoehoe lava flow fields, is expansive and dynamic, and the flow front location is only part of the story.