Tuesday | July 25, 2017
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US soldier pleads not guilty to support for Islamic State

| | Jul 24 2017 - 8:34pm | Comments

HONOLULU — A U.S. Army soldier based in Hawaii pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of attempting to support the Islamic State group.

  1. Posted: Jul 25 2017 - 10:34am

    HONOLULU (AP) — A developer in Honolulu recently began offering consumers a Mercedes-Benz on a three-year lease if they buy a unit in one of three towers.

  2. | Posted: Jul 24 2017 - 8:34pm

    HONOLULU — A U.S. Army soldier based in Hawaii pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of attempting to support the Islamic State group.

  3. Posted: Jul 24 2017 - 8:34pm

    WAILUKU, Maui — An upward trend in opioid overdoses has Hawaii health care providers working with Native Hawaiian healers in an effort to find alternative ways to treat pain and help wean addicts off of opioids.

  4. Posted: Jul 23 2017 - 8:09pm

    HONOLULU — After five straight years of declining enrollment at the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus, university President David Lassner has set a goal to hold enrollment flat for the upcoming fall and boost it back up to 20,000 students by 2020.

  5. Posted: Jul 23 2017 - 8:09pm

    WAILUKU — A Hawaii resort is being redeveloped as luxury condominiums, and a historic trail will be reopened as part of the concessions agreed upon by the project developer.

  6. Posted: Jul 23 2017 - 3:22pm

    HONOLULU— A high-rise fire recently claimed the lives of three people in Honolulu, and the apartment building where the blaze broke out had no fire sprinklers.

  7. | Posted: Jul 23 2017 - 3:21pm

    HONOLULU — When Moon Yun Pellerin’s parents bought a 27th-floor apartment in a high-rise overlooking Waikiki about 15 years ago, they didn’t realize the wave-shaped building had no fire sprinklers.

  8. Posted: Jul 19 2017 - 9:16am

    HONOLULU (AP) — The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission has accepted a utility company’s updated plan that details how it will reach the state’s 100 percent renewable energy goal five years ahead of schedule.

  9. Posted: Jul 18 2017 - 9:35am

    HONOLULU (AP) — Honolulu inflation reached a five-year high during the first half of 2017.

  10. Posted: Jul 18 2017 - 9:34am

    WAILUKU, Maui (AP) — An alert system is being developed to give West Maui residents a six-day heads up when large wave and flooding events are possible.

  11. | Posted: Jul 18 2017 - 4:07pm

    HONOLULU (AP) — Fire investigators from the Big Island have arrived in Honolulu with an arson dog to search for ignitable liquids in the apartment where a deadly high-rise blaze broke out last week.

  12. | Posted: Jul 17 2017 - 8:25pm

    HONOLULU — Fire investigators said Monday the apartment where a deadly fire began in a Honolulu high-rise was near the two units on the 26th floor where the bodies of three victims were found, but they’re still working to determine the cause.

  13. Posted: Jul 16 2017 - 9:19pm

    WAILUKU, Maui — A former prison guard was found guilty of sexually assaulting an inmate three years ago.

  14. | Posted: Jul 16 2017 - 7:31pm

    HONOLULU — As flames raged through a Honolulu high-rise building, killing three people and injuring a dozen others, some residents didn’t even realize a blaze had broken out until they opened their doors or saw firefighters racing to battle the inferno.

  15. Posted: Jul 13 2017 - 9:48pm

    WAILUKU, Maui (AP) — A former Hawaii prison guard is on trial on accusations that he took advantage of his position to have sexual intercourse and sexual contact with an inmate.