Tuesday | January 24, 2017
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Trump’s killing of Trans-Pacific trade pact could leave West Coast, farmers hurting

| | Jan 24 2017 - 12:05am | Comments

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal could hit states hard that are highly dependent on trade with Asia, primarily on the West Coast.

  1. | Posted: Dec 26 2016 - 10:00am

    WASHINGTON — The United States again ranked first in global weapons sales last year, signing deals for about $40 billion, or half of all agreements in the worldwide arms bazaar, and far ahead of France, the No. 2 weapons dealer with $15 billion in sales, according to a new congressional study.

  2. | Posted: Dec 26 2016 - 9:59am

    WASHINGTON —— Congressional Democrats say they’ll try to thwart Republican plans to overhaul the U.S. tax code by portraying them as a boon for the rich that betrays President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to fight for working Americans.

  3. | Posted: Dec 26 2016 - 9:55am

    BEIRUT — Under different circumstances, Syrian President Bashar Assad’s capture of Aleppo would project an aura of invincibility. He has survived nearly six years of revolt.

  4. | Posted: Dec 26 2016 - 9:52am

    WASHINGTON — Republicans are united on repealing President Barack Obama’s health care law, but ideologically and practically speaking, they’re in different camps over replacing it. Getting the factions together won’t be easy.

  5. | Posted: Dec 26 2016 - 9:50am

    NEW YORK — If President-elect Donald Trump wanted to show he planned to obliterate President Barack Obama’s approach to Israel, he might have found his man to deliver that message in David Friedman, his pick for U.S. ambassador.

  6. | Posted: Dec 26 2016 - 12:05am

    For hundreds of protesters, it was cause to cheer when the Obama administration this month declined to issue an easement for the Dakota Access pipeline’s final segment. But that elation was dampened by the uncertainty of what comes next: a Donald Trump-led White House that might be far less attuned to issues affecting Native Americans.

  7. | Posted: Dec 25 2016 - 5:53pm

    CHICAGO — It was a white — but slick and messy — Christmas for the northern Plains and some Western states.

  8. | Posted: Dec 25 2016 - 5:53pm

    HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The push to restrict refugee resettlements and immigration in the U.S. that figured so prominently in Donald Trump’s election is now headed to states that are preparing to convene their legislative sessions early next year, immigration advocates said.

  9. | Posted: Dec 25 2016 - 5:53pm

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump spent the past two years attacking rival Hillary Clinton as crooked, corrupt, and weak.

  10. | Posted: Dec 23 2016 - 9:49am

    WASHINGTON — Top Senate Democrats are trying to put the brakes on President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks, insisting on extensive financial information on some of the wealthiest Americans before moving forward on nominations.

  11. | Posted: Dec 23 2016 - 9:45am

    WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday abruptly called for the United States to “greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability” until the rest of the world “comes to its senses” regarding nuclear weapons.

  12. | Posted: Dec 23 2016 - 9:45am

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy may be defined as much by what he didn’t do as by what he did.

  13. | Posted: Dec 23 2016 - 9:40am

    In a scientific triumph that will change the way the world fights a killer, an experimental Ebola vaccine tested on humans in the waning days of the West African epidemic has been shown to provide 100 percent protection against the lethal disease.

  14. | Posted: Dec 23 2016 - 1:39am

    The U.S. population grew by 0.7 percent in the past year, its smallest annual expansion in 80 years, the Census Bureau said this week.

  15. | Posted: Dec 22 2016 - 10:45am

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy grew faster in the third quarter than initially estimated, expanding at its strongest pace in two years in a rebound from a weak first half of 2016.