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Mars mission simulation begins

Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation Mission 3 crew members and Kim Binsted, HI-SEAS’ principal investigator, pose for a photo in front of the HI-SEAS dome on Mauna Loa. The six crew members entered the dome last Wednesday and will spend the next eight months there simulating a mission on Mars. The simulation is the longest tried in the United States, according to HI-SEAS. From left, Neil Scheibelhut, Sophie Milam, Zak Wilson, Binsted, Jocelyn Dunn, Allen Mirkadyrov and Martha Lenio. Scheibelhut and Milam are University of Hawaii at Hilo graduates. For more about the mission, visit

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Minister has become poster boy for pot movement

Editor’s note: Marijuana activist and minister Roger Christie is in a halfway house in Honolulu after serving more than four years on a marijuana charge in the Federal Detention Center. His scheduled release date is Nov. 14. Ground rules for the interview were no discussion of the halfway house, FDC or the federal Bureau of Prisons.

Board sides with Public Works on grubbing violation

The Hawaii County Board of Appeals is upholding a claim by the Department of Public Works that a North Kona property owner illegally grubbed his land after the man brought in a 33-ton excavator equipped with a mower blade, damaging historical sites in the process.